Im Ryan

Hi! My name is RyanKelly!

I'm an all-around country girl when it comes to animals, working on the ranch and doing the dirty chores.  But I can be a Cinderella too!  I'll never be a city girl, but I'm a princess of my heavenly Father just the same. :)

Instead of waking up every morning to hop on a bus and drive to a cold concrete building for school, I am privileged to be part of the homeschooling community!

Some of you might not even know what it means to be a homeschooler. I get lots of questions from people like,

"Do you do school in your pajamas all day?"
"So, do you, like, take every other day off?"
"Don't you get lonely?"

Or, the most popular question from public schoolers with blank stares is --- "Do you even have any friends???"

Well, although some of you might not believe it, I am far from a hermitess "living under a technologically advanced rock in Uzbekistan." (You can ask my friends that actually do exist about that one.)

After waking up, getting dressed, making my bed, cleaning my room, brushing my teeth and hair, and washing my face, I begin my plethora of homework and online classes. A typical school day will last from about 7:30 AM to 10:00 PM for me. I absolutely love having been given the opportunity to do school in my very own home!

Amid all the craziness of schoolwork, I am active in a number of activities.

Speech and Debate. Every week my mom will drive me to Mission Viejo for Monday meetings with my incredible club, Apollos. Throughout this past year, I have met some spectacular people at tournaments and other events.  If you ever have any question concerning the country of Russia, please don't hesitate to ask me, considering that this past year's debate resolution was, "Resolved: That the United States Federal Government should significantly reform its policy toward Russia." I have Russia practically coming out of my ears!
However, beginning next year, feel free to ask me anything about revenue generation! Because..."Resolved: That the United States Federal Government should substantially reform its revenue generation policies."
Yes! That's me...the little attorney. ;)

Piano. I am quite obsessed with it, and I actually do believe that I would die if I had to go a day without tickling the ivories every now and then! All thanks goes to my lovely mother, who set me on a piano stool beside a teacher at the age of 4.

Irish Dance. If you are ever looking for a form of exercise that will have you panting in less than 30 seconds, then come join me at my Irish Dance lesson!!! It's quite extraordinary...really. The girls and I will all join in our "Step 2/3's", "Light Jig", "Four Hops", and the very challenging, "Slip Jig". I find it such a blast that I am constantly practicing.

Golf.  If it seems like my schedule is filled up already, you are mistaken. In fact, massively mistaken. I'm also on my homeschool group's golf team! We finished up our season a few weeks ago, but now since summer has started, I am participating in individual tournaments. Walking 18 holes and playing them isn't easy...but it's a blast (and tiring).

Okay, she's got to be done now. She couldn't possibly fit anything more into her already hectic life.  Wrong!

When I have time, I also absolutely love partaking in activities such as heirloom sewing, cooking, baking, and gardening!

Throughout my extremely busy life, I always find time to read my Bible and pray throughout the day. The Lord is my saving grace and I am so thankful to Him for all His many blessings!

I hope and pray that through this blog, I can be a shining light for Christ and all the while, show you what it means to be a Country Girl Cinderella. ;)