As I was sitting here at my desk, pondering what would be the contents of this initial post; first and foremost, I considered the title.  Naturally, like other people who are writing a post for the first time, the idea of the most bland name came into my head –


-- or whatever many people often name such a post.

Hence the name of my post: “Greetings”. Yes, yes, I do sound old-fashioned, but it’s better than titling it with something like “Tidings”, is it not? 

Instead of giving a plethora of excuses why I haven’t been able to write any sooner upon the creation of my blog, (such as finishing school, etc.) I would much rather begin this on a more light-hearted note, and spare you any incessant ramblings in efforts of redeeming myself.

So! Enough of that wordiness.  I am SO extremely excited to have created this blog, and I hope that through words and pictures (worth 1,000 words, you know) I might give you a little taste of my everyday life and what it’s like to live in the country amid such a beautiful creation. 

Now, mind you that I am not so absolutely obsessed with my surroundings that I refrain from relating anything else of interest that occurs in my life! You can expect much of that! Because I’m sure I’ll give the “Cinderella” aspect equal attention. 
I hope you very much enjoy this blog, and I can’t wait to see what becomes of my little venture.


P.S. The part of this post regarding the titling of first posts was in no way meant to be an insult to anybody at all. It was only meant in good humor. :)

The beautiful white oleander flowers by the road.


  1. Hi Ryan! It's Sierra from Biology=) I love your blog... I can't believe you live 45 minutes from me... and I CAN"T wait to get to know you better! Hope to meet you=)

    In Christ,


  2. Thank you, Sierra! I'm so glad you like it. :)

    I hope we can get together soon! Maybe even do some Biology lab projects together.